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Our purpose-built nurseries provide your child with endless engagement, exploration and imaginative play when they enrol at Pixieland Day Nurseries. Your child’s imagination and creativity can be exercised through our neutral decorations and natural toys. Our team can’t wait to welcome your child to Pixieland Day Nurseries.

Pixieland Stoke

Pixieland Stoke
10 Springfield Drive, Stoke
Plymouth, PL3 4DU

Pixieland Mannamead

Pixieland Mannamead
162 Mannamead Road, Mannamead,
Plymouth, PL3 5QL

Pixieland Saltash

Pixieland Saltash
Long Park Road, Saltash
Cornwall, PL12 4AG

Pixieland HMS Drake

Rogers Burrow Day Nursery
Woollcombe Block, HMS Drake Devonport,
Plymouth, PL2 2BG