Our food

Encouraging children to eat well.

We have an on-site chef at each nursery with an in-depth understanding of nutrition, food hygiene, and menu planning. We devise varied menu plans each season reflecting diverse cultures to broaden our children’s experience of the wider world.

We provide healthy meals for children with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians and vegans. We serve fresh fruit every day, and we make sure that mealtime is a social experience in which we all appreciate the colourful and inviting foods on the table.

During meals, we create a relaxed, homely environment. We sit with the children and encourage them to be inquisitive about food and healthy eating. All of our food processes are fully risk assessed – if your child has a food allergy or intolerance, we will cater for them safely.

Food suppliers

At Pixieland we make sure that our food suppliers uphold Food Safety, quality and service standards. We regularly assess our suppliers to ensure that these core values are upheld, and we make it our duty to assess ingredients used within our nursery meals, including potential allergens to cater for all types of dietary requirements and medical conditions.


Our chefs, nursery managers and compliance team conduct regular checks regarding our food safety standards. We are also inspected by local council to ensure that we meet all food safety regulations, and we hold a 5 star food hygiene rating at all our nurseries.

Our chefs

Pixieland has a dedicated Catering Team with several years of experience. Each member of our team has worked as a Chef in one of our nurseries and also has experience in the wider catering industry, which brings a wide range of knowledge to our food service. This includes everything from baby-food to allergen support.

Our food safety procedures.

Food for specific diets, including vegetarian, vegan, and religious reasons, is clearly labelled by our nursery chef before coming into the room to be served. All children are well supported and closely supervised by a member of staff in their nursery room at mealtimes. They are encouraged to feed themselves where appropriate, to develop new skills, and engage in discussions about ‘healthy food’ so that they learn good habits for the future. One of the key people who works in the nursery room helps children with allergies and intolerances learn about their ‘individual diet’ from an early age.

We work with you to develop weaning programmes that suit your child’s needs. The process begins when you start weaning your baby. We consult with you about how and when your baby should progress from milk-based or pureed foods to solids, according to his/her age and development. This process continues until your baby is transitioning from pureed foods to a family diet.