About us

The Pixieland story.

The story of Pixieland began in 1984, when our Managing Director Caroline Francis had a vision to create an environment that fosters happiness, security, safety and stimulation for children, while enabling parents to relax.

Caroline wanted the children to learn through play, become independent and sociable and respect each other as well as themselves because of this she then started Pixieland Day Nurseries. The first ever nursery was in a small building at Mount Gould Hospital. Caroline chose Mount Gould Hospital because she wanted to help and support doctors and nurses with childcare there since there was a lack of facilities to help those who were helping others.

For the past 38 years, Pixieland Nurseries have been providing childcare for children in Plymouth, Devon and Saltash, Cornwall. We focus on the most important years of a child’s life by utilising state-of-the-art facilities to engage children and encourage them to learn through play.

What makes us different?

The well-being of your children is very important to us, so we have an ethos on developing and maintaining parent emphasis. We believe passionately that each child, with differing needs and interests, should be loved and supported as they grow.

Our key person system supports us in achieving this by helping to build strong relationships between children, their parents and staff. Pixieland ensure excellent education helps very young learners to become stimulated and excited by the fun of learning through play, which supports a positive life-long attitude to learning and succeeding.

Our aims and objectives

Your child’s journey begins at Pixieland.