For unbeatable parental engagement!

When your child attends nursery school, they spend their day discovering, investigating, and experimenting, whether it’s trying new foods or taking their first steps. You won’t miss a thing with the Eylog smartphone app.

We at Pixieland are aware of how priceless your child’s developmental milestones are. Your child’s very own Eylog Learning Journal will be used by your child’s Key Person to update you on your child’s progress on a regular basis. A status update could include images or videos of them having fun, updates on everyday activities, or notes. Every Learning Journal entry also records the fundamentals, such as your child’s lunchtime and nap times, as well as nappy changes and nap times.

Your child’s activities during the day will be documented on Eylog. Years from now, you can look back on their Learning Journal as a particular journal of their time at nursery. You can access it anywhere, at any time. Additionally, you are able to publish your own comments and observations from home, making it a quick and simple method to communicate with your Key Person, exchange ideas, or offer information that the nursery may require. After all, as a parent you know who your child truly is.

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Key features

Watch daily activities

View your child’s day from a distance. You can view your child’s food history as well as track naps and diaper changes in their Eylog Learning Journal.

Share your observations

The application is a two-way platform. To help our teachers design their lessons, you can submit your own thoughts and images to your child’s learning journal from home.

Enjoy each minute

In their Journal, every day at the nursery is documented. You won’t miss a thing because you’ll be able to see pictures, videos, and notes of everything they’ve been up to.

Combine forces

You can also write comments and notes on Eylog if there is anything you’d like to discuss with your Key Person.

Easily access updates

Your Key Person’s daily insights are at your fingertips thanks to Eylog. When it suits you, log in over your lunch break or in the evening to catch up.

Focus on what matters

Eylog makes it faster and simpler to stay current on nursery life. This allows you to spend more time with your child and less time on administrative tasks.