A day at Pixieland

We have such a diverse range of activities that it is hard to describe a typical day, but here are some examples.


Children are arriving for the day, so it is a busy time. Once you’ve parked safely (if available) or dropped off your child, visit our secure and monitored entrance to be greeted by our friendly nursery team and your child’s key person.

Morning session

We have age appropriate areas for your child to play and socialise with other children. All of our nurseries have their own unique look and feel with endless resources and stimulating activities to support your child’s development, it will become one of your child’s favourite places.

Outdoor play

We offer your child the opportunity to explore and take risks in our outdoor areas. A healthy dose of fresh air is also provided by outdoor play, which encourages children’s natural curiosity and allows them to develop their gross motor skills.

Lunch time

Our chefs prepare a freshly-prepared and balanced meal for lunch every day. Every day, our menu is healthy and varied, and children are encouraged to discover different tastes and textures, try new foods, and enjoy the experience of sharing a meal with others.

Indoor play

We know that a child’s time at the nursery is one of the most important and special parts of their day. That’s why we’ve designed our indoor spaces to ensure that your child’s time with us will be one of delight and wonder. Each room in our facility has its own nurturing atmosphere with environments thoughtfully planned and equipped with the best resources to meet and exceed the needs of all of our children through exciting activities every day.

Nap time

When your child is tired, they need a good place to rest. We help you create that place for them with our nap times. Our nap times are designed to be cosy and snuggly, so that your child can get the sleep and rest they need for their personal development. Each child’s needs are carefully considered and met by our team of professionals, who work closely with you to make sure we meet your child’s individual needs.

Snacks & breaks

Snack time at Pixieland is a great opportunity to introduce children to new flavours and textures. Our snacks are prepared well and consist of fresh fruit or vegetable sticks and cracker or breadstick or other baked goods. They can support your child’s learning and development in many ways, so we strive to make them as varied and inviting as possible, so all of our children look forward to these social times in nursery.

Home time

After each day, your child’s Key Worker will provide you with a full report of what they did and learned. We want you to feel confident that your child is getting the best possible care, so we make sure you’re fully informed about their day. We also want to make sure that you know about any important achievements or development milestones.