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Our Early Years Apprenticeships develop your knowledge and skills on and off the job.

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We welcome funded children and encourage parents to use the funded hours offered.

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Pixieland nurseries provide childcare for children in Plymouth, Devon and Saltash, Cornwall.

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If your child will be 9 months or older by the end of August, and you expect to qualify for Working Family Funding for the first time starting in September, you must apply for your Eligibility Code by August 31, 2024.

For more information about getting a code or renewing your current code, please visit or call HMRC 0300 123 4097.

What our parents say about Pixieland.

Your child’s journey begins at Pixieland.

Your child’s journey begins here.

Pixieland Day Nurseries is your best choice for childcare in Plymouth and Saltash, Cornwall. Come visit one of our nurseries today —we’d love to meet you and your child.

With nearly 40 years of experience and caring staff who understand how precious your children are and how important their well-being is.

We know that children will thrive best in their learning if they feel emotionally secure, our key person system supports us in achieving this by helping to build strong relationships between children, their parents and staff.

Pixieland Day Nurseries believe that by providing excellent education helps very young learners to become stimulated and excited by the fun of learning through play, which supports a positive life-long attitude to learning and succeeding.

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Thinking about sending your child to Pixieland? That’s brilliant news. If you’d like to get to know us a little better, our brochure is a brilliant place to start.

As a parent, it’s often impossible to stop at pick-up and drop-off times to talk to your key person. As a result, you won’t only miss out on your child’s daily activities, but even your key person won’t be able to stay informed about any developmental milestones. Here’s where Eylog comes in…

An online learning journal helps us solve these problems and strengthen parent partnerships.

It’s a fantastic online tool that lets you track your child’s progress at nursery from home. Additionally, you can add your own information, so your child’s key person can keep track of what your child is doing outside of nursery.

Your child’s development and learning will greatly benefit from this easy information exchange. This will help us work together to provide your child with the best possible start to their education by keeping you and your key person informed about your child’s latest milestones and interests.

Young children should learn to love healthy eating from an early age. It is something they carry with them throughout their lives, whether it is good or bad, their relationship with food.

Children learn from our nursery menu that dinner does not always have to be followed by dessert and that trying new foods is exciting, not scary.

By explaining where food comes from and how it affects the body, we help our children make healthy lifestyle choices now and in the future.

If we fed them plain food every day, we would make things easier for ourselves, but it would not be beneficial for them! To make sure our children have access to a nutritiously balanced menu, we’ll continue to introduce new dishes, ingredients, tastes, and textures to their meals.

Safety is something we take seriously at Pixieland. You can leave your little ones with us in a safe and secure environment that goes beyond Ofsted requirements.

All of our nurseries are equipped with CCTV with cameras covering both the interior and exterior, as well as those that are capable of working in low light, so we never miss a thing.

There is a secure front door at every Pixieland nursery, which is answered either by a member of staff, via an intercom system, or by a fingerprint reader.

Attend our FREE Toddler Group.

Discover the joy of Pixieland Saltash’s new Toddler Group – a FREE, engaging program for 18 months to 3-year-olds to play, learn, and grow.

Sign up now for creative and fun-filled Friday mornings, and embark on a delightful journey of early childhood exploration!

Download our brochure

Thinking about sending your child to Pixieland? That’s brilliant news. If you’d like to get to know us a little better, our Parent Pack is a brilliant place to start.

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